Bl"ucherstrasse, Berlin

Type: Gesamte Apartment
Preis €2100
Adresse Bl"ucherstrasse
Wohnungseigentum 80 m²
Postleitzahl 10961
Verfügbar auf 2022-05-17
Stadt Berlin

A beautiful, spacious, 3 room apartment on the 3rd floor of an excellently located Altabau building in Kreuzberg. This fully furnished, fully equipped apartment is perfect for a small family or a couple looking for a high quality of life in a gorgeous area of Berlin. The neighbourhood is filled with energy! You can find plenty of activities here, such as wonderful shopping locations, restaurants, cafes, gyms, and a lot more around every corner. It has 2 bedrooms, a big common space of a combined open kitchen and living room at the centre of the apartment. The apartment includes: -Fully accessorised kitchen -Bed and...

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